Monday, February 8, 2010

Having dinner in Vegas Restaurant in Kampar

That day me n my brother are going to kampar new opening restaurant - Vegas to have our dinner.This was our 1st time to be there.The shop was not looking very large, but the design quite unique. Most of the painting at the restaurant was Obama - current president of US. There was many customer having dinner at there.

I have order a special burger that was Obama burger. When the burger is served, I was quite surprise because it was very large. It was having many layer . As you can see in picture , the 1st layer is egg , then cheese , chicken meat with black pepper sauce , vegetable then chicken meat again. Beside that , got french fries in a plate. This only cost me RM8.90

While this was my Brother order -normal burger.This was different with mine. Because it only have 1 layer chicken meat with barbeque sauce. This wan only RM7.50

This is my drink that was Green Hulk. Once special drinks that sell in the restaurant! The taste not bad.

This is my Bro's drink. I not so remember the name of it. I think is called sunset! The colour was very pretty!

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